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What is @Be_voiced?

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In May of 2019, Echoes Media co-produced Janelle's play #voiced. The play shared the stories of six high school seniors growing up in world caught between social justice and social media. The cast later joined us for an episode of Echoes on air! and shared that they often felt they didn't have a place to participate in conversations that could provide possible solutions to world concerns without their experiences being discounted.


Because Echoes Media is about giving a platform to communities of people who often go unseen, that didn't sit too well with us. So, we're doing our best to fix it.


Introducing Echoes' newest family member, @be_voiced. For the year, these four students will be sharing their point of view on world and societal issues on Instagram. You'll get to hear their feelings, learn what they face daily, and see how they're finding hope in places that may seem hopeless.


Maybe, just maybe, we can learn something from them. We'll be keeping you updated here on the website; but for now, read about each of them here on The Echoes Blog and follow them here on Instagram! 

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