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Co-producer, Sound Engineer

Jack (The Ghost) Piland is a playwright, storyteller, editor, sound engineer, musician, game designer, and producer. He is the current co-producer, sound engineer, and editor of Echoes on Air. He has spent 6 years messing around in the podcast world, and has produced around 9 podcasts. He is the founder and manager of The Poddities Network, which hosts and supports all of his podcasts.

Producer, Host

Janelle Gray occasionally comes out of her writing hole to see the outside world. After spending years in a Bogotá, Colombia writing her novel Echoes of the Struggle, she thought maybe it would be better served to give others a space to talk. Enter The Echoes Blog and Echoes on air! 

She is a creative writer of plays, screenplays, songs, short stories, novels, articles, texts, and social media posts along with teaching English, Spanish, and Writing. Pretty much if it involves a pen or the voice, it's her thing.

Janelle holds a Bachelor's in Communication and Spanish and a Master's in Creative Writing and Literature.

Check out more on Janelle at

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Co-host, Research Associate

Melissa Mains may be new to podcasting, but she is not new to seeking personal stories and having hard conversations. Her day job includes advocating for inclusivity for children with disabilities and that advocacy bleeds into her personal life as well. She strives to cultivate compassion for the experiences of others through education and open, frank discussions. In her personal life, Melissa spends her time trying to teach her son there is a big and diverse world out there to enrich his life, travelling with her husband, and cuddling up with her beloved and very spoiled pups.


Co-host, Video Producer

Chris Silverberg writes, produces, directs, edits, and even once in a blue moon performs across a variety of media, from television to poetry to theater to music. He mostly gets paid to help other people do those things, and has helped people make work for History Channel, Food Network, Freeform and others. He has studied writing at Columbia University and Cave Canem. His current projects include co-hosting Echoes on air!, developing an urban food pilot series (pilot guests include The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy and Angela Yee), and producing a documentary short on the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

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Social Media Manager

Nicole Nesbitt is a former secondary school educator who tossed her grade book to chart a new path. Although she is no longer teaching in the classroom, she remains active in her community by volunteering and mentoring in her husband’s youth robotics academy. She is a new mommy to a brave and clever little girl, and has aspirations for world domination through her children’s book series, "Akua Nicole".

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