Jack (The Ghost) Piland has been producing podcasts for about four years. That's all he wants to do with his eternity. It's rumored he only exists in audio files. Jack is excited to have been summoned in order to co-produce Echoes on air with Janelle. He feels it gives his afterlife some semblance of meaning. He also runs his own comedy podcast network called Poddities.

Producer, Host

Janelle Gray occasionally comes out of her writing hole to see the outside world. After spending years in a Bogotá, Colombia writing her novel Echoes of the Struggle, she thought maybe it would be better served to give others a space to talk. Enter The Echoes Blog and Echoes on air! 

She is a creative writer of plays, screenplays, songs, short stories, novels, articles, texts, and social media posts along with teaching English, Spanish, and Writing. Pretty much if it involves a pen or the voice, it's her thing.

Janelle is currently completing her MLA in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University Extension School.

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Co-host, Video Producer

Chris Silverberg writes, produces, directs, edits, and even once in a blue moon performs across a variety of media, from television to poetry to theater to music. He mostly gets paid to help other people do those things, and has helped people make work for History Channel, Food Network, Freeform and others. He has studied writing at Columbia University and Cave Canem. His current projects include co-hosting Echoes on air!, developing an urban food pilot series (pilot guests include The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy and Angela Yee), and producing a documentary short on the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

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