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Echoes' Podcast Series

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After a year of sharing stories on The Echoes Blog, in 2018, Echoes Media added a podcast. On each episode of Echoes on air! we convene a diverse panel of guests for an open and energetic conversation on a topic that touches on Echoes' broader mission. Previous topics include colorism, diversity in entertainment, human trafficking, LGBTQIA+ community and Christianity. This conversational roundtable is meant not only to learn from each other, but also to practice and model talking about tough topics in a respectful way.

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In 2020, the Echoes Team added another podcast series, on air with... This show allows the team to do a deeper dive with one or two guests on their life, their work, and the social issues that motivate them. While having general discussions is always helpful in order to treat issues that affect us all, on air with... seeks to speak directly to issues facing targeted groups of people to both learn what we don't know and foster understanding and empathy for other people's experiences.


In 2021, the Echoes Team added yet another podcast series, Pilfered. In learning about other cultures, pop culture, and histories, it was no surprise that we found evidence of colonialism, patriarchy, and racism. Pilfered is a comedic take on stories, inventions, music, and more that have been co-opted, whitewashed, and mis-presented to the public. This series attempts to give flowers to the originators of the U.S. cultural touchstones we've come to know and love.

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