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Are you tired of seeing your friends, family, and neighbors hurt by discrimination?

Do you wonder what you can do about it?


In a world where the news cycle is continually looping concerns of inequality and bigotry, it is clear that discrimination against those from diverse cultures and people with religious and sexual differences is casting a major shadow over our society.


In this anthology of blog articles, Unity, Equality, Accountability: The Echoes Blog Anthology, the concept of social awareness and the issues of prejudices are raised by the ordinary people who experience discrimination firsthand.


Whether through race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, or religion, it serves as a timely reminder that we are all the same under the skin. It provides a platform for discussion, where you can also share your own experiences and hopefully open the minds of communities, paving the way to a better future where acceptance and tolerance are the norm.


Change starts with listening. Get a copy of Unity, Equality, Accountability: The Echoes Blog Anthology today and open your eyes to a better world.


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Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide is a companion piece to the fiction novel Echoes of the Struggle. Its aim is to introduce tools for classroom discussions or town hall and community conversations about race in America and the American civil rights movement.


The guide offers thought-provoking questions regarding the text encouraging readers to empathize with the characters and search for examples in real-life situations. It also poses questions and introduces situations that challenge the reader to demonstrate their understanding of the historical events discussed in Echoes of the Struggle and the impact of these events then and now.


After each section, the guide provides a notes section along with additional reading and documentaries used during the research for the novel. The reader of Echoes of the Struggle Tour Guide can expect to answer questions and do activities that will allow them to practice empathetic listening and introspective searching in order to reveal multiple sides of tough topics with the hopes of better understanding racial disparities and discord in their community.

This time the young, black boy who was gunned down by police wasn’t a stranger; someone far away. He was almost family to Daniela Joseph.   
As the middle child of what her friends call the “Joseph Empire,” Dani enjoys the perks of being well-known and affluent. She soon realizes that the horrors of the 1960s civil rights era might not lie as far back in the past as she thought. 

As the comfortable and secure world Daniela knew crumbles around her, she embarks on a civil rights pilgrimage and discovers there’s so much more to the stories she was told as a child. And if the stories everyone tells of Dr. King and Rosa Parks aren’t complete, she wonders what else she doesn't know.  

Now she has to answer a few questions: Who is she? What is she fighting for? How will she fight?


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The Echoes

2018 Releases

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The Echoes

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Echoes of the Struggle

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