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Echoes on air!

Special note from Janelle

Echoes on air! is officially a thing!

You asked for it; now, you got it! It's official! The Echoes Blog now has a little sister! Echoes on air! will bring together folks willing to talk about their experiences, how we interact with each other, and what they are doing in the world to facilitate change. In episode one, Carlos Brumfield, Emilia Cedercreutz, and Justin Willis join me as we talk about our experience having those hard conversations about race, gender, and sexual orientation. We're still coming to you once a week but will be alternating podcast episodes and articles. So you can keep checking us out on the blog for a deep read, but now you can also take us along on your commutes. As always, you are part of the conversation. Feel free to keep sending in your articles and maybe you will also be invited as a guest host on the show. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave comments. That helps our visibility on the iTunes charts. Without further ado, ECHOES on air! EPISODE 1 Thank you! This podcast wouldn't be possible without your suggestions, encouragement, and participation! Special shoutout to my friend and co-producer, Jack Piland, for his dedication to helping me get this out. 2018 is lookin' all right!

create hope. forge a path. change the world. j

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