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Botham Shem Jean: Finding Our Footing in Another Tragedy

In this episode of Echoes on air!, Janelle is joined by Liz Nichols, Chris Silverberg, and Christian Watkins as they discuss the local tragic killing of Botham Shem Jean. They try to drill down on to the root of their anger, their concerns with the police force and how investigations are conducted, and if the officer should be charged with murder or manslaughter.

*Please note that this 2-part episode was recorded on Sunday, September 9 — just three days after the tragedy. Since that time, more details have been released that may conflict with details discussed in this episode.

Check out the following links as mentioned in this episode:

Citizens Police Academy - There are various Citizen's Acadamies. They can be found for many cities. The following blurb is found on the site for the Dallas Citizen's Academy:

The Dallas Citizen’s Police Academy meets once a week for 8 weeks at the Dallas Police Academy. Classes consist of an overview of the Dallas Police Department, patrol functions, a tour of the Communications Division, demonstration and ride on the vehicle training course, internal affairs, family violence, DWI enforcement procedures, explanation of the use of deadly force, pursuit policies, crime prevention, personal safety and investigation techniques​.

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