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SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Echoes Media wouldn't exist without the SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage. In this episode of Echoes on air!, Janelle tells you why then she and Chris Silverberg talk with Ed Gray, Jennifer Hudson, and Jonathan Norton about the importance and impact of chasing history and how the SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage continues to shape how they interact with present-day social concerns.

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Spotify The following links are articles about the SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Dr. Dennis Simon Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Learn more here: SMU CRP

Also check out:

Penny Candy by Jonathan Norton

The Echoes Youtube Channel also has great videos of various Black history moments and documentaries mentioned during the podcast.

This episode is dedicated to the memory Dr. Dennis Simon who lead the Civil Rights Pilgrimage for years and whose spirit continues to inspire people to make change. Without him, this podcast would not have happened.

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