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ENCORE: Social Justice Burnout

COVID19 has us the world on high alert. Our mind is constantly being bombarded with endless uncertainty, rabbit holes of unclear and/or contradictory articles, and illness and death.

What's more, social injustice and attacks on human rights have not ceased. Not only have the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor streamed across our feeds, but so, too, have the increased attacks on Asian-American citizens and the neglect of lower socio-economic populations.

Feeling overwhelmed, Janelle stumbled on the Echoes 2019 Live Event on Social Justice Burnout. She and Jack realized that the tools given by therapists Anna Kim, Brittanie Gray, and Jimmy Owen are not only useful for social justice but also for Covid19 burnout.

We hope that you when you listen to this encore airing of this episode, you find ways to name the fears you feel, draw the necessary boundaries, and become more aware of what you need to healthily get through this challenging time.

Be safe. Be well.

Chris, Jack, and Janelle

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