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What Is Environmental Justice Anyway?

In this episode, Janelle talks with Nathan Dorris, Marsha Jackson, Misti Oquinn, and Britani Peterson about environmental racism, justice, and injustice. The discussion reveals that environmental justice is not only about saving and protecting the earth but also how the effects of neglecting it often heavily impact Black, Brown, impoverished, and disenfranchised communities and what we can do alleviate the problems.

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Videos discussed in the episode: A Brief History of Environmental Justice TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch - Van Jones - Environmental Justice Environmental Justice Environmental Justice: Peggy Shepard at TEDxHarlem

Resources and information mentioned in this episode: Breath is Lyfe

Netflix Series: Broken, episode "Recycling Sham" Southern Sector Rising

Information about Shingle Mountain:

Toxic Shingle Mountain: Blue Star Recycling's Environmental Crisis in South Dallas

Dallas judge says recycling company behind 'Shingle Mountain' acted in 'good faith' Neighbors say mountain of recycled shingles is causing health and environmental hazard

#environmentalracism #environmentaljustice #cleanair

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