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Digital Blackface, Blackfishing, and "Transracial" Identity

Janelle and Chris talk with Tiffany Agard and Eric Keeton about "Digital Blackface," "Black Fishing," and "Transracial identity." Realizing these terms can sometimes overlap, they identify the definitions as follows: "Digital Blackface" refers to white/non-Black people using GIFs, memes, emoji, and other images of Black people to express various emotional reactions online. People who describe their racial identity as "transracial" are individuals who assert a racial identity for themselves which differs from their birth race. “Blackfishing” is a term used to describe someone accused of pretending to be Black on social media by using makeup, hair products and in some cases, surgery to drastically change their appearance. The cast discusses these definitions, possible concerns, the historical predecessors, and if they really have any issue with it at all.

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