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The New Echoes Blog

Hi! Welcome to the Echoes Blog. Before I get started, let me tell you a little bit about where this comes from.

When I wrote Echoes of the Struggle, I wrote it with the intention of starting a conversation. Much like the main character, Dani, I was raised by very accepting and loving people. They were open to all races, religions, genders, and sexual orientation.

Today, our country, actually the world, is divided. It’s not divided between races. It’s divided between people who think racism and inequality (on all fronts) no longer exist and those who experience it every day.

Echoes of the Struggle was my way of starting a conversation about the Civil Rights Movement, both past and present. But the Echoes Blog is my way of continuing that conversation. And let’s be clear: This is not about Civil Rights as it pertains to race. This is about Civil Rights. Period. As in how it pertains to all humans.

The Echoes Blog will not only post interviews and news with me and the book. It will also post interviews with others striving to have these conversations, projects focusing on inclusion, articles about what’s happening in the world, and my own editorial remarks on what I see.

I won’t clutter your boxes. There will be one post per week. That will give you a chance to read it, think about, share it, and perhaps try to understand a different point of view. Thus I shall name it, “Thoughtful Thursday.”

THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE BLOG! So that means I want to hear from you. I will be reaching out to my subscribers to get their stories, opinions, and experiences. I can’t have a conversation without you. I am also, absolutely open to you submitting your own writing to share!

This, my friends, is how we change the world. Let’s get to work.

Create hope. Forge a path. Change the world,


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