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Scarlet River

© 2018 by Djoré Nance

The river that runs twixt Texas and Oklahoma

Native blood the same as the native color

The river that runs from the gulf to Canada

Contains parts unknown in the negro panacea

It’s an unrest that passes all confusion

How do we awaken from this demonic illusion

Hallucination of collusion with power that’s soft

But it’s flacidity doesn’t merit a scoff

Pay attention to the way they speak

And the stupidity we seek will show a river of red

A river bed that’s capitalism’s fellow

Nevermind that their blood is hallowed

To them but really their hearts are fallowed cuz they are insatiable for

Red blood, red blood red blood I said

There’s a reason we’re called red blooded Americans

Because they feed on us from the top on in

Vampires of energy and matter alike

#Nolivesmatter pay attention to the chatter

Red Russia red life

Scarlet River

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